5.0 QUAKE at YELLOWSTONE (?) + Mon. News

TODAY,  not on the USGS map.

It is  was on the ANF map



By afternoon the ANF map showed only blue squares for day-old smaller quakes. At least we got the screen grab.  Hmmmm.

Yellowstone Volcano Eruption: BBC ‘Docufiction’ Film About Supervolcano Eruption (+Video)

With lots of talk still going on about a potential Yellowstone volcano eruption, a BBC “docufiction” movie about what would happen if the supervolcano were to erupt in our lifetime is being circulated among some blogs.

The film, which is a combination of documentary and fiction, focuses on what would happen if the caldera in Yellowstone National Park erupted. . . .

LINK –  http://youtu.be/Noti_VHOrLk


5 thoughts on “5.0 QUAKE at YELLOWSTONE (?) + Mon. News

      • Excepting the quake that shows up on multiple helicorders at 9am, most of that is background noise as the helicorder is set to a super sensitive 125mv. No idea why it is, but right the way through the last 18 months or more that station shows the same levels of noise all day every day. I must admit that one has had me fooled, it’s only now I have realised that it’s “normal” for that station to look like Yellowstone is shaking itself apart! I think it is fooling a lot of people.

        At that level of sensitivity it could even be picking up the vibration of water flowing down the river!

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