A Mary Greeley Sunday Update

Before It’s News – All Yellowstone Tiltmeters Shutdown At Boreholes – Why?

LINK –   http://youtu.be/N4y9Uewjf4k


9 thoughts on “A Mary Greeley Sunday Update

  1. It’s a myth that the temperatures are increasing at Yellowstone. Snow settled there yesterday, right on the plateau near Old Fiathful.

    You don’t have to look far to find temperature data that shows very little change in ground temperatures in the last month: http://pbosoftware.unavco.org/products/timeseries/T208.environmental.png

    The more I dig in to the YellowStone data, the more I am convinced there is nothing of concern going on there. It’s a hic-cup which have occured in the past. If you take a look at the seismometer plots from a year ago, the pattern of activity is very similar.

    • OK.
      Posting every little thing in case anything winds up happening to the Craton Plate (sliding east).
      How about the helium?

      • That’s a good question! I can’t find too much out about that other than it is indeed a fact it has happened prior to other notable eruptions. I’m not dissing what you are doing, I agree there is a hell of a lot of information about at the moment, I just like to be a bit scientific and do my own research rather than believe everything else I read or watch. – And it’s good to have some balance from time to time 🙂

      • yeah, it might be a lot of nuthin’ …. but I didn’t want to start another blog entry for the updates. A whole new blog (this) is really the best way to organize links and maps etc. for future use.
        I am interested in the overall giant increase in Pacific Rim seismic activity on the globe.
        It used to be rare to see 6M quake on the map and these days it isn’t unusual to see several in the same day.
        I check maps out at Radioactive Chat

  2. Oh, I wanted to add that I believe there IS magma movement, as I also believe there is in Long Valley (California), particularly Mammoth, but this has been happening for years, hence the ground inflation being seen at YellowStone. It also seems apparent that ground movement has accelerated in the last 6 months, which would account for the number of small earthquakes – and may even account for some of the landslide activity in adjacent areas. What if the whole area is inflating – even the areas they don’t have GPS monitors?

    • The guy who does the maps of booms (you Tube name United Knowledge) and Dutchsinse have been looking at N. Amer plate in their vids.
      Again, it could be a bunch of nuthin’ … but just in case it gets worse and worse we have all the bigger articles here.

      • That’s an interesting video. I’d forgotten about the booms and the significance of the multiple Oklahoma quakes – i.e. that it sits on the New Madrid fault line, which is overdue a “big one”. You would have thought that common sense would tell you not to frack the hell out of ground that is ready to CRACK and cause devastation. But greed wins over common sense most of the time!

        I wonder what will occur first. New Madrid, Bayou Sinkhole disapearing up it’s own cavern or Yellowstone? To think i was looking into Emigrating to the US from the UK – even to the point of looking at properties. Think I’m better off on this side of the pond, from a safety point of view!

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