Tues. News, Light Flashing Vid & Some Old Info

LINK –  http://youtu.be/qbrhpsZ_Bpc

Before It’s News –
IMPORTANT! Yellowstone Magma Intrusion USGS Admits! #Yellowstone Earthquake List U.S. Non-transparency Comparison Proof (Video)

Yellowstone: “Only A Matter Of Time” – Supervolcano Very Unstable, Magma Rising

LINK – http://youtu.be/jZ0x8RXFGOw


(old but good map) – Mar. 31The super volcano under Yellowstone National Park has given a magnitude 4.8 shake

Also old but with good graphics – (2013) – YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO GETTING READY TO BLOW ITS CORK?

AND . . .  with a great map, this article says nothing to worry aboutIs the Yellowstone supervolcano DYING? Researchers say dormant volcano may never erupt again

“The unique park has a 40-mile-long slush of molten rock and crystal under the nation’s first national park.

Instead of a cone with a hole, the caldera is an interconnected maze of gas and water covering almost 60 miles of Wyoming’s northwest corner, along with parts of Montana and Idaho.

More than 10,000 mud pots, boiling rivers and geysers act as nature’s pressure-release valves, keeping the heated monster from exploding.
And they move.”


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