3.3 Quake Near Salt Lake City

3.3 quake near Centerville, Utah

Sterling, CO – Emergency Manager Bob Owens reports on projects
Updating plan for hazard mitigation

STERLING — Bob Owens, coordinator for the Logan County/City of Sterling Office of Emergency Management, was at the Sterling City Council’s meeting Tuesday to give the department director report.

Owens spoke about the five-year update he is doing for the city’s hazard mitigation plan, which is intended to reduce or soften the impact of disasters on the community. The plan is required by both the state and Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Part of the plan includes identifying disasters that could affect the area. The list, he said, includes everything from the obvious, such as tornados, floods and wildland fires, to earthquakes and volcanoes. He noted that the Greeley area experienced an earthquake last week, and the region would be affected if the caldera at Yellowstone National Park eruped, although, he said he hoped that won’t happen for another 50,000 years. . .  (more)



3 thoughts on “3.3 Quake Near Salt Lake City

  1. A series of small quakes showing on USGS map today, but interestingly, they don’t appear real time. I checked the map several times earlier, no quakes showing, but now it shows quakes last night and throughout the day. Odd. Also, there appears to be activity at YellowStone North East entrance: http://www.isthisthingon.org/Yellowstone/wrapper.php?file=YNE_SHZ_WY_01.2014061300.gif and constant “noise” or harmonic tremors (?) at Yellowstone lake today: http://www.isthisthingon.org/Yellowstone/wrapper.php?file=YNE_SHZ_WY_01.2014061300.gif

    • I wax and wane on this Yellowstone about to blow thing… every time I calm down it starts gassing off again!

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