Trip Wire Discusses Mystery Drilling in Yellowstone + Sun. News

First hour of this video is about Yellowstone (starts 12 min. mark)


White House website page on Scientific Integrity mentioned by Trip Wire. Scientific Integrity:

On December 17, 2010, OSTP Director John P. Holdren issued a Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies on the subject of Scientific Integrity.

PDF of the memo – it hasn’t any ‘gag-order’ lingo in it. It is to the contrary –

In keeping with OSTP’s previously released guidelines, every policy submitted now explicitly insists that federally supported science and scientific information shall remain undiluted and untainted by political influence; every department and agency will, as a matter of policy, practice openness with the public and the media; and science-oriented Federal Advisory Committees—which provide outside expert advice to the government—operate transparently and free of problematic conflicts of interest.”

A 2003 report about magma rising. And a blog post from 2009: Recent Quake Activity on the Rise at Yellowstone’s “Supervolcano” < [story has good related links at the bottom]  TIME magazine the same day: A Spurt of Quake Activity Raises Fears in Yellowstone



Decide for yourself if there’s anything to this one –

Before It’s News – Entire U.S. Volcanic, Earthquakes Sites Being Shut Down! E.L.E. Coming?

Here’s a warning to readers – people referencing “The EU Times” are using bogus info from a famous hoaxer site. Lots of redistributing the hoax articles is just by people being duped. Heads up – that source is bunk. Example.

June 14 – White House Fact Sheet: National Disaster Resilience Competition

Today, President Obama will announce the National Disaster Resilience Competition. Responding to demand from state, local and tribal leaders who are working to increase the safety and security of their communities, the nearly $1 billion competition will invite communities that have experienced natural disasters to compete for funds to help them rebuild and increase their resilience to future disasters. . . . (more)


7 thoughts on “Trip Wire Discusses Mystery Drilling in Yellowstone + Sun. News

      • USGS say it can’t be done:

        Can you release some of the pressure at Yellowstone by drilling into the volcano?

        Scientists agree that drilling into a volcano would be of questionable usefulness. Notwithstanding the enormous expense and technological difficulties in drilling through hot, mushy rock, drilling is unlikely to have much effect. At near magmatic temperatures and pressures, any hole would rapidly become sealed by minerals crystallizing from the natural fluids that are present at those depths.

      • hmmmm…. now I wonder.
        The interviewee had some good maps. But in his narrative he sounded more like an avid reader of Popular Mechanics than a geologist.
        If you know any scientists they tend to ‘talk shop’ using a lot of unintelligible science terms.

        But maybe he’s right and drilling is going on by mystery ‘foreigners’ who eat catered food not delivered by anyone and… and…and….

  1. I also wondered if it was gas or oil that was being drilled for within the National Park. Lots of evidence it is happening JUST OUTSIDE, but I wouldn’t put it past any Government to crap in their own sacred garden, as it were.

    Found one interesting article about a Gas well that exploded in Montana, leading to the evacuation of 25 houses and untol damage below the ground.

    • I would think if they were doing that Dutchsinse would have found out by now.
      He is always checking out that area with G00gle Earth.

  2. bfd: 1. Graphs of so-called earthquakes do NOT have a tremor, prior to the seismic activity. 2. Nukes are dropped into the casing holes. 3. Compare earthquake graphs to nuke blast graphs and you’ll find the answer. 4. Think.

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