Friday Quake Action + Mount Rainier Volcano News

Andy W. sent this all in. He says “Lots of rumblings on Yellowstone Helicorders. The 6.0 Alaska quake shook through the are too, but loads more background noise than normal. Yellowstone Lake looking lively: ”  July 17 seismograph

Christian Science MonitorWhen will Mount Rainier erupt again? Magma study offers clues.
Scientists have mapped the electric and magnetic signatures of magma flows beneath Mount Rainier, which scientists expect to erupt again.

Washington’s Mount Rainier May Erupt Again, Study Reveals
Mount Rainier is expected to make a monstrous eruption again, however it is not known when it will explode, according to a new study.

‘MRI’ reveals huge magma reserve under Mount Rainier < has map of monitors

Pay-to-view: Pathway from subducting slab to surface for melt and fluids beneath Mount Rainier

Washington’s volcanoes get mapped after Mount Rainier magma

Maybe they are mapping the Cascade Range because so many live near the volcanoes – FC




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