Yellowstone seismic jumps

This the monitor at the NE entrance to Yellowstone –




u-do-it updater

– sent in by reader, Andy W. – 😉

For what it’s worth dept. – this is a calculation by Tom Lupshu –

89.6% Chance Yellowstone Eruption In 2014 Or 2015 According To USGS?



7 thoughts on “Yellowstone seismic jumps

  1. Hey guys, I calculated the math and they are off by about 2 decimal places – don’t know if it’s intentional, probably not, but 1/730,000=1.4 x 10(-6) power which when converted to decimals is actually 0.0000014. When 640,000 x 0.0000014=8.95% Not 89.5. The decimal place can make a huge difference and I triple checked this and used 2 separate calculators just to be certain. Just thought you all would want to know.

    • yes, we definitely DO want to know!

      Note – much new seismic activity reporting is in the COMENTS section of this blog. Just due to time saving.

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