Big Landslide in Salt Lake City Area

CNN report with video –

NBC report

North Salt Lake evacuees angry city allowed development in slide area  < has map & photos

As North Salt Lake recovers from a landslide that destroyed a home and sparked accusations of reckless development, the most pressing questions are still without answers: No plan exists to stabilize the slope looming over the Eagleridge neighborhood, and geologists worry the threat isn’t over. . . .

This is a little old but good:


Some Yellowstone seismic activity –

  see COMMENTS on prior post.




5 thoughts on “Big Landslide in Salt Lake City Area

  1. Interesting video. I’ve noticed they move the cam around a lot now.

    Wonder if the steam explosion accounts for some of the activity on the Old Faitful seismometers last week?

    I’ve got a comment in the Spam bin in Tuesday catchup!

    • some on the vid commented they move the cam to avoid water splash on it….
      but I would think that would be routine deal with Old Faithful.

      • Given it’s supposed to be the Old Faitful cam, so you can watch Old Faitful erupt, it seems highly unlikely they’d expect to have to move it each time it erupted as that renders the cam pointless. – And who sits and mans that in the hours of darkness? Just because you can’t see it erupt at night doesn’t mean it isn’t happening!

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