Climate Viewer on You Tube Wars

This radio show by Climate Viewer tells about a feud on the net featuring some channels we have used here –


It is good to know what is happening behind the scenes.


See COMMENTS here. There is some activity at Old Faithful… A map of the quakes


31 thoughts on “Climate Viewer on You Tube Wars

  1. Lots of low level activity again yesterday and the tremors continue on multiple Yellowstone helicorders.


    I don’t think low level activity like this is a threat or even unusual, but worth observing in case something bigger builds.

      • Yes, Iceland a bit close for comfort, big eruptions there pretty much close our airspace (UK) if the ash is blowing our way. Watching that one closely.

        Not sure what’s up at Yellowstone, don’t think it’s anything major as the quakes aren’t big enough, but will keep watching & posting.

  2. A dozen or so more small quakes at Yellowstone. Not going to list them all as I’d never keep up. Will post if anything significant occurs. At the moment it’s “just a swarm”, not unheard of there by any means.

  3. Probably worth mentioning that while the quakes continue, the area they are in has expanded. The harmonics on the seismometers are even stronger too, being seen across a larger area.

    0.7 16km WNW of Old Faithful:

    1.1 5km SE of Old Faitful:

    1.6 10km N of West Yellowstone:

    1.1 16km NW of West Yellowstone:

    1.9 37km ENE of West Yellowstone:

    I’m wondering if the larger area and ongoing harmonics are indicating an inflation event – need to go and hunt down some tilt meters as the USGS ones don’t appear to give public information.

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