Iceland Shakes

This area may affect Yellowstone monitors ….

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

They say Iceland is calming down as far as that volcano goes – but there was 5.7 quake there today.

They seem to be doing some work at Lake FUBAR making the usual machine noises on the helicorders. So wait til quittin’ time to see what is really happening.

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2 thoughts on “Iceland Shakes

  1. I’m watching Iceland closely. While they say “it’s calmed” – there are still about 1,000 earthquakes a day!

    With regards Yellowstone, I’m starting to believe that the noise on the helicorders which has been visible for a couple of weeks is man made – day time drilling for example?

    • It is a big clue when helicorders get quiet at night….

      Some of the larger S. American Pacific coast quakes were in the middle of the night. Napa was middle of the night too.

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