3.8 Idaho Quake

Near Driggs, Idaho – details

It is SW of Yellowstone –


2 thoughts on “3.8 Idaho Quake

  1. Got there before me this time :p

    Greeley has a video out saying there has been Magma movement at Yellowstone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh3PUb2vXLg

    I had been blinded by all the daytime “activity” on the helicorders, as right enough there is something on the helicorders during the hours of darkness too: http://www.isthisthingon.org/Yellowstone/wrapper.php?file=YMS_EHZ_WY_01.2014083000.gif

    The problem at the moment is that the helicorders typically look like this day to day: http://www.isthisthingon.org/Yellowstone/wrapper.php?file=YFT_SHZ_WY_01.2014082900.gif which makes it hard to spot changes. I believe the daytime readings are either people / traffic or some sort of machinery running as Magma doesn’t obey the clock!

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