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SEE RECENT COMMENTS for info on  many  quakes and crazy Mammoth Lakes, CA quake swarm.

Mary Greeley has this –


Before It’s News Over 600 Earthquakes Struck California in the Past 24 Hours – Oh – and There’s a Volcano, Too

The Watchers – Large earthquake swarm rattles Long Valley caldera, California U.S.

Yellowstone Supervolcano: Yellowstone Supereruption Would Cover US in Ash


Wall St. Journal – Japan Eruption Shows Difficulty Predicting Action
Experts Say Saturday’s Explosion Had Few Precursory Signs

“…. Other experts agree, and speculate that Saturday’s eruption was phreatic, meaning it was a steam driven explosion that doesn’t involve fresh magma. This also meant typical signs like volcano deformation or significant seismic rattling associated to magma movement weren’t detected.

By the time the agency raised the alert level on a scale of five for Mount Ontake from one to three, which restricts entry to the mountain, it was 12:36 p.m., 44 minutes after the eruption sent plumes of toxic volcanic ash and rock into the air and hikers running for their lives….”

The WatchersPrehistoric volcanic eruption leaves intercontinental footprint

Strange SoundsEarthquake Lake: The 6 Mile-Long Quake Lake Emerged After the 1959 Yellowstone Earthquake

Montana Quakes Sunday + More

1.7 quake west of Yellowstone

and a  2.3 quake in north part of the state near Seeley Lake

Mary Greeley reports Monday:


Science news –
From Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Mantle updrafts and mechanisms of oceanic volcanism

” …  The widely accepted mantle plume conjecture has been justified by experiments and calculations that violate the laws of thermodynamics for an isolated cooling planet. Hotspots such as Hawaii, Samoa, Iceland, and Yellowstone are due to a thermal bump in the shallow mantle, a consequence of the cooling of the Earth. They are not due to ∼100- to 200-km-wide tubes extending upward from fixed points near the Earth’s core. Seismic imaging shows that features associated with hotspots are thousands of kilometers across, and inferred ascent rates are low. Plate tectonic-induced updrafts and a cooling planet explain hotspots and the volcanoes at oceanic ridges…. “

NOTE: New Iceland volcano update is at the parent blog, The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle.

Trivia:  The Idaho Island Park Caldera is an 8 on the VEI.  8 = “super-colossal” (!)

 Volcanic Explosivity Index