3.0 Quake in Montana

3.0 quake West Yellowstone, Montana


24 thoughts on “3.0 Quake in Montana

    • I am leaving you in charge!
      Huge Alaska quake just now … but USGS has the ime time all wrong. They say it is 5ish CST which is 4 hours away….

  1. Lots of activity at Long Valley, Mammoth Lakes area again at the moment. A 3.9 and various other quakes over 3.0 reported. Will do some digging later to see what’s happening there.

  2. Yowsers! Some 330+ quakes so far in less than 24hrs, all in the same spot near Mammoth Airport. Swarms are not uncommon in this area due to it’s volcanic nature, but that sort of number with some >m3 needs monitoring as that’s some angry activity right there!

  3. No, this isn;t mining or fracking – I don’t think they dare right here – it’s another Caldera Volcano! The whole area is riddled with dormant volcanoes and all manner of geothermal activity. The current swarm is right where another big swarm took place in July this year and not far from an area that recently had CO2 emmissions that killed trees over a vast area. Details here: http://pubs.usgs.gov/dds/dds-81/Intro/MonitoringData/CO2/CO2.html

      • In there words: It’s not unusual…but “This one (swarm) is a bit larger and more energetic than we’ve seen in the past few years,” – So that’s unusual then?!

        They have to be careful here as Mammoth is buily on Tourism. I read recently about a new escape route out of the area being built as a precaution against the unrest in the area – but they have no reason to believe it will lead to anything. So the risk is high enough to warrant a new road, but nothing to worry about!

        I have a keen interest in this area as I felt a moderate quake when I was staying there near June Lake. Upon arriving we were warned to stick to designated pathways as it was close to a CO2 tree kill area.

        I think it’s fair to say it has become a more active area over the decades (by USGS’s own admission too), but is not at imminent risk of producing anything big.

      • oh…. yr comment about ‘escape route’ scares me. In these wilderness areas there are few roads in or out and they follow valleys. If anything happens like a rock slide etc. there is no way for reg. vehicles to get out.
        I guess they would have to use choppers to locate campers.
        They have some fire-ffighting roads in some parks.
        I am thinking of Mt. St. Helens.

  4. I just did some research = the escape route was built in the late 80s in response to a series of strong quakes and subsequently renamed to “Mammoth Scenic Route” as “escape route” made the place sound hazardous!

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