Secret Eruption Program at Yellowstone??

We are posting this for info only. No idea at this end if it is a valid theory or not.


More on this theme from a German blog – (English translation), original

10 thoughts on “Secret Eruption Program at Yellowstone??

    • I don’t know if that video with thumper trucks is true or conflated. But it does show activity swarms on the helicorders at YS.

  1. Interesting video. I agree the signals look man made. I said as much a couple of months ago. I don’t wear the business of gravitational pull by planets aligning though. That seems a stretch too far. I also don’t understand what is to be achieved by trying to make Yellowstone erupt?

    You may recall I said the patterns were mostly occuring in, what we’d call working hours. Is it not more likely that they are doing seismic mapping?

  2. The patterns sure are impressive, especially when the video maker points out what could very well be planned, timed explosions.

    The constant use of thumper trucks both at YS & BC, along with their attempts to conceal the earthquakes is very suspect. In this article the scientists know that constant thumping, especially along a ridge could take decades to rectify the destruction.

    The dirty buggers recently asked permission to dump waste into the sinkhole, well if it turns into a massive dead lake, guess no one will know what they are doing with it.

    We have all heard of the Georgia Guidstones where some lunatics went to a lot of trouble to erect massive granite stones that declare the earth’s population should not be greater that 500 million in order to restore order with the resources.

    • yeah, I like the video simply because it showed so much of the helicorders.
      Now at Lake FUBAR LA14 is acting up ….

  3. Here’s another video that goes with the theme of this thread. Underground explosion south of Yellowstone magma chamber. This guy knows his stuff! Looks like explosion happened at 2135 central time on 30 September. He says that similar explosions occurred one week later. I’d be interested to know if the underground explosions where recorded as far away as the Louisiana sinkhole. I’m watching that typhoone projected to hit Fukushima on Monday. The typhoon that went through Fukushima earlier this week caused flooding into the nuclear reactor buildings but, to my amazement, no radiation got out according to news reports–go figure. Then how did the flood water escape the buildings!?
    Yellowstone Nuclear Detonation, Underground, on 9…:

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