Those Loud Booms and Earth’s Core


– Yellowstone mentioned after 27 min. mark –

Video description: “Swarms of thousands of earth quakes happening around the world, birds dying in mass…now a reporter is telling of a government whistle-blower that is saying there is something wrong with the Earth’s Core”


7 thoughts on “Those Loud Booms and Earth’s Core

  1. I emailed the lady on the show, but here’s a facebook chat my brother sent me and a couple of our mutual friends back on January 9. I’d be happy to have you talk to him more about what he heard that day. Just email me at what I filled the form out with. I emailed her from a different one cause I’m not sure if mine will show public when I press submit or not. Here’s the message my brother sent us that day:

    Anybody else seeing and hearing this weird stuff in the sky?.
    the sky has been rumbling at my house for 15 minutes straight…..sounds like fighter jets roaring by but nothing in the sky
    All of a sudden
    Out of nowhere these HUGE things with a smoke trail behind them appeared..
    I have never seen or heard anything like it……they looked to be about 10 times the size of a plane
    I swear to you I thought they were asteroids and the world was coming to an end….I was rushing to get to my car to go get my son out of school and didnt get a pic
    The objects are gone but the sky is still roaring and sounds like fighter jets are right on top of my house but theres nothing there…..
    The sky is still roaring…..this is the weirdest thing I have ever experienced…..I am genunely afraid right now
    It literally stopped 30 seconds ago
    Me and tricia were both standing in the yard in amazement. My dogs are terrified
    I don’t know what I just saw but there had to be hundreds of other people who saw and heard it
    Tricia is gone to get Thomas…..if it starts back up I will video it…..there had to be a rocket or something coming back to earth… minute it wasnt there and the next minute it was… it had just broken into the atmosphere

    • You can look at the time stamp on the original facebook post (date of the asteroid thing) and match it to sky events listed on that blog at the bottom right sidebar, RSS feed, called “Meteor News”. There may be video or report about it there.
      Personally I wonder if all these objects, meteors are really regular space objects. I never recall so many huge events as we have now.
      I really think there may be a space war under way (US, Russia?) and the space junk is coming from that.

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