5.3 Quake in Yellowstone

The ANF map shows it.


5.3 mb =  “body-wave magnitude (Mb)” says USGS glossary.

The ANF map says it happened about 2 minutes after this 5.6 Oregon coast quake –

LAT  |  LONG   | M   |  Depth (KM)  |   TIME           |   PLACE    

44.9890    -110.0387    5.3 mb    15    04:00:36 Jan. 23rd, 2015 UTC    Yellowstone Region, Wyoming
43.2263    -129.9283    5.6 mb    15    03:58:21 Jan. 23rd, 2015 UTC    Off Coast Of Oregon, California – Nevada Region

 Montana seismic monitors

Super ODD quake pattern at Butte, Montana.


10 thoughts on “5.3 Quake in Yellowstone

  1. This reminds me of that moving I watched from this blog. about some important official trying to convince everyone of an impending Yellowstone eruption.
    Watch “1/30/2015 — Yellowstone Geologist says Eruption …” on YouTube
    1/30/2015 — Yellowstone Geologist says Eruption …: http://youtu.be/AoSEnnF6G1w

    • I would think not … based on animals sticking around etc. and no smoke outside the geyser areas.
      But …. ALL ideas about it shown here.
      So it could blow next week or 1,000 years away.
      But what is alarming is USGS being so deceptive about the area quakes (and other parts of the world).

    • Thanks … I would think it would not be a mining area since it is close to the park. Quarries and mining can show industry operations as quakes on a monitor.

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