New Yellowstone Study: It’s Alive

Washington PostScientists find missing link in Yellowstone plumbing: This giant volcano is very much alive

. . . . On Thursday, a team from the University of Utah published a study, in the journal Science that for the first time offers a complete diagram of the plumbing of the Yellowstone volcanic system.

. . . . This system has been in place for roughly 17 million years, with the main change being the movement of the North American tectonic plate, creeping at the rate of roughly an inch a year toward the southwest. A trail of remnant calderas can be detected across Idaho, Oregon and Nevada, looking like a string of beads, marking the migration of the tectonic plate.

Magma reservoir found beneath Yellowstone supervolcano in US

A huge reservoir of hot, partly molten rock has been found 20-45 kms beneath the Yellowstone supervolcano in the US, and it is 4.4 times larger than the shallower, long-known magma chamber, US researchers said on Thursday.

Strange Sounds blog – Yellowstone closed to keep people from burning their feet — or basting their tires on melting roads < has art showing giant magma chamber


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