Bigfoot Running Amok at Yellowstone

Bigfoot family spotted on Yellowstone webcam?

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — An unsuspecting YouTube user that goes by the name Mary Greeley has uploaded a video from one of Yellowstone National Park’s webcams, and some believe it shows up to four Bigfoot-like creatures in the background.

Greeley uploaded the video in late December, and her entries surrounding the video only discuss the bison walking into the Old Faithful area of the park, according to a report in OIL CITY news. . . . (more)

The video –

Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Could Cause Up To 90,000 Immediate Fatalities + NEWS

Tech Times –

If the massive volcano that lies beneath the Yellowstone erupts, 90,000 people will get killed.

The eruption of the supervolcano would emit very high levels of molten lava on the Earth’s surface and very thick clouds of smoke in the skies. There would be no way out and two-thirds of the United States could be wiped out.

ummmm … wouldn’t 2/3 of 300 million = 200 million …not 90,000?

In the rare chances that an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano would ever occur in this lifetime, the majority of the U.S. would be put to a state of ‘nuclear winter,’ where a thick layer of ash would cover the landmass and block the sun, leading to very low temperatures.

A supervolcano can emit more than a trillion tons when it erupts. If the Yellowstone supervolcano fully explodes, molten layer could go up to about 10 feet thick. From the explosion site, the molten layer could travel to as far as 1,000 miles. It would be impossible to send out search and rescue teams, as the area would pretty much be blanketed in very high levels of volcanic residue. Even air travel would be suspended.

While the chances of an actual massive eruption in Yellowstone are very small, it’s always good to be aware of what could happen, if in case it does, experts say.

– Looks like the 90,000 would be the ones stuck in the molten layer in the thousand mile radius.




Tourists Run Amok at Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park visitor takes risk by petting a bison

This year, there have been five documented incidents of a visitor being injured after getting too close to a bison in Yellowstone National Park.

“There’s already been 4 Grizzly attacks and 1 park ranger killer so far this year up there. Amazes me people are this stupid. “

You said it!

Black Bears Run Amok at Yellowstone

Black Bear Breaks Into Car Near Yellowstone, Destroys Interior
No one was injured when the bear broke into Toyota Camry

“. . . HELENA — A retired Pittsburgh schoolteacher could do nothing but laugh after a black bear broke into her car in Montana, destroyed the interior while trying to escape, and finally busted out through the windshield.

. . . The bear pulled on the driver’s door so hard the metal bent. Interior plastic and fabric also was damaged.
“There was definitely a panicked loosening of all bodily functions in the front passenger seat,” Stolpe added.
People walking by two hours later apparently spooked the bear and it broke out through the windshield.

. . . . Earlier this week, two motorcycles were chewed up when bears smelled food inside the saddlebags. A bear also broke into two houses, The Billings Gazette reported.
A bear broke into another vehicle at the lodge to get beef jerky, Stolpe said, and earlier a bear got into a stash of granola bars, leaving the wrappers in a neat pile.”

Squirrels Run Amok at Yellowstone


Running amok! Hither and yon

. . . and carrying PLAGUE!

LA Times –  Plague-infected squirrels found at Yosemite National Park campground

UPDATE, Aug. 21

Georgia tourist is struck down with second suspected case of the plague in a month at Yosemite National Park

Patient is being tested for plague by the Federal Center for Disease Control
A child also fell ill with plague at a campground in Yosemite in mid-July
[but what about the squirrels??]
Last week, a campground was closed after two squirrels died from the plague [ oh. ]