Bigfoot Running Amok at Yellowstone

Bigfoot family spotted on Yellowstone webcam?

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — An unsuspecting YouTube user that goes by the name Mary Greeley has uploaded a video from one of Yellowstone National Park’s webcams, and some believe it shows up to four Bigfoot-like creatures in the background.

Greeley uploaded the video in late December, and her entries surrounding the video only discuss the bison walking into the Old Faithful area of the park, according to a report in OIL CITY news. . . . (more)

The video –


3 thoughts on “Bigfoot Running Amok at Yellowstone

  1. LOL cuttlefish, people think I am wild enough without getting into bigfoot. And yeah I am sure they are out there. Reports come in from all over the world on this and have for a long time.

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