Black Bears Run Amok at Yellowstone

Black Bear Breaks Into Car Near Yellowstone, Destroys Interior
No one was injured when the bear broke into Toyota Camry

“. . . HELENA — A retired Pittsburgh schoolteacher could do nothing but laugh after a black bear broke into her car in Montana, destroyed the interior while trying to escape, and finally busted out through the windshield.

. . . The bear pulled on the driver’s door so hard the metal bent. Interior plastic and fabric also was damaged.
“There was definitely a panicked loosening of all bodily functions in the front passenger seat,” Stolpe added.
People walking by two hours later apparently spooked the bear and it broke out through the windshield.

. . . . Earlier this week, two motorcycles were chewed up when bears smelled food inside the saddlebags. A bear also broke into two houses, The Billings Gazette reported.
A bear broke into another vehicle at the lodge to get beef jerky, Stolpe said, and earlier a bear got into a stash of granola bars, leaving the wrappers in a neat pile.”


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