OP-Ed: Bison Slaughter Begins at Yellowstone – 900 Animals Will Die in Politically Motivated Cull

“By 1995, Montana stockmen started to complain about the bison who — according to their migratory nature — roamed outside the borders of Yellowstone.”

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Supercomputing the Mystery of Old Faithful
– – – – why don’t they compute why Montana ranchers have no souls?

Move Over, Yellowstone … UPDATED: QUAKE WARNING 2-26!

The Cascadia subduction zone off the coast of Northwest California, Oregon, Washington State, and Vancouver Island BC could cause the worst natural disaster in the history of North America.
The Pacific Northwest Earthquake could reach up to M9.0, trigger a tsunami, and shake for 3 to 5 minutes.

“Everyone knows the Cascadia’s cousin in California: the San Andreas Fault. It gets all the scary glamour, with even a movie this year, “San Andreas,” dramatizing an apocalypse in the western U.S. Truth is, the San Andreas is a lightweight compared with the Cascadia. The Cascadia can deliver a quake that’s many times stronger — plus a tsunami.

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SEE – Jan. 20 post for more

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2.1 Quake Bullseye on Yellowstone

Before It’s News – It’s Happening:Magnitude 2.1 Earthquake Strikes Directly in Yellowstone Super-Volcano Caldera (Video)

(Jan. 31) “At 2:07 PM Eastern Time, a magnitude 2.1 earthquake shook the huge caldera (mouth) of the Yellowstone Super-Volcano. Tremors are typical, this was bigger.”
story has a map – F.C.