Move Over, Yellowstone … UPDATED: QUAKE WARNING 2-26!

The Cascadia subduction zone off the coast of Northwest California, Oregon, Washington State, and Vancouver Island BC could cause the worst natural disaster in the history of North America.
The Pacific Northwest Earthquake could reach up to M9.0, trigger a tsunami, and shake for 3 to 5 minutes.

“Everyone knows the Cascadia’s cousin in California: the San Andreas Fault. It gets all the scary glamour, with even a movie this year, “San Andreas,” dramatizing an apocalypse in the western U.S. Truth is, the San Andreas is a lightweight compared with the Cascadia. The Cascadia can deliver a quake that’s many times stronger — plus a tsunami.

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SEE – Jan. 20 post for more

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13 thoughts on “Move Over, Yellowstone … UPDATED: QUAKE WARNING 2-26!

  1. Awhile back–maybe 6 months to a year ago–deep underground low frequency sounds were detected somewhere off the coast of Washington state to Vancouver Island, BC. I read about a slow moving earthquake going south through Victoria Island, BC a couple months ago. I remember the big M9.0+ earthquake that hit Japan was preceeded by a slow moving earthquake. A week or two ago I read about an earthquake swarm in Peugett Sound. Dutchsense says this area has been quiet for too long. Mary Greeley talked about her projections of the slow moving earthquake’s results. Now those freaky sounds in Oregon. Looks like things could be stacking for something big.

    I couldn’t find the link that talks about the scientist that noticed a slow moving earthquake before the big M9.0+ earthquake/tsunami of 03/11/11 that hit Fukushima, Japan.
    A 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck off the B.C. coast… and nobody felt it.
    A huge earthquake measuring at least 6.5 on the Richter scale recently shook Vancouver Island— and nobody felt it.
    That’s because the tremor happened over about eight days.
    Vancouver Island’s ‘slow quakes’ could predict the Big One.
    “Every time you have a slow earthquake just below, the part of the fault that will slip in the next big earthquake gets a little bit of a push,”…
    Seismic data suggests slow slip events may presage larger earthquakes.
    Puget Sound hit with swarm of small earthquakes.
    The research that was gathered during that period has helped scientists anticipate and explain what has become a nearly yearly event.
    This small tsunami is from that 4′ Juan de Fuca ocean floor drop.  Read the comments for additional information.
    ‘Mini tsunami’ along Washington coast caught on camera, page 1
    Methane gas is 20 times more potent than normal green house gases.  This gas is asphyxiating if breathed.  When methane is exposed to sunlight it converts to phomaldihide.  The people’s bodies in the exposed area are being pickled.  Could the true cause of this methane leek be by underground pressure from the slow moving earthquake?

    Here’s another weird event to add to your collection, Flyingcuttlefish.   Listen to the 1st audio recording with the volume near max.
    Why Forest Grove should be freaked out by mysterious nocturnal noise.
    And the sound keeps revisiting the community, which reportedly lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes.

  2. I don’t see my “comment” with all of the links from the sinkhole bugle. I tried posting a second time and was prompted that my second “comment” was a duplicate. So I’ve thrown in the SPAM bin. I’ll email my comment to you, Flyingcuttlefish.

  3. I watched a similar video by bpearthwatch last night.  Bpearthwatch also shows you the article, via screencam, that indicates an earthquake in 2-5 days.  The article he refers to is “CO may signal earthquake” by Ramesh Singh.  I see this video tonight by Paul Begley.
    Watch[Paul Begley] “WARNING Carbon Monoxide California” on YouTube

    Watch[bpearthwatch] “Massive CO Clouds Over West Coast/Earthquake Watch!!” on YouTube

    Watch “Major Carbon Monoxide Explosion West Coast !!!” on YouTube
    Watch[Mike Morales] “Major Carbon Monoxide Explosion West Coast !!!” on YouTube

    • Dutchsinse says this CO release could be an indicator of a coming seismic event. He also says this CO could be released from magma burning stuff below the surface and released during the moderate nearby earthquake a day earlier. He checked a 1 March map, and the CO had decreased considerably.

  4. The article tries to use the Porter Ranch methane leak to explain away the CO emissions. However, other areas of purple CO emissions exist in northern California and farther north.
    NASA Satellite Image With Claims Of Imminent Quake Triggers Scare.
    Even though NASA now says the image is wrong because of a satellite glitch, a simple google search will show it already went viral…The professor analyzed a spike in carbon monoxide just before a quake in India in 2001, killing that thousands of people…I said: ‘Hey what people are doing?’ They are digging out my paper, they are relating this, and the hole public is getting scared,” Singh says. He says he has since gotten dozens of emails from around the country of people terrified, some suggesting that the West Coast evacuate all because of a few posts and videos online Singh wants to debunk. “No body called me. I do not know who posted this,” he said.

    • I think the bigger concern is that seafloor drop a few weeks ago. Anyway … I cover all the bases here.
      Plus it is always important to keep in mind there is very little room on roads for west coasters to evacuate east in an emergency. So if they plan on leaving via car (vs jet pack) they need their own gas supply + a head-start to beat gridlock.

    • and – REMINDER – everyone – electric usually goes out in disasters.
      That means CASH MACHINES do not work and GAS station pumps do not work (remember hurricane Rita!).

      So have a plan!
      And some stored food for Pete’s sake!

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