Big Interest in Yellowstone Since the Monitor Shut Off (4-6)

Superstation 95 may have put up a wrong graphic, the red-dots-map, that was misleading… but there is unexplained strange action and the coincidental seismic monitor shut off at Univ. of Utah (which does it for the USGS) that covers Yellowstone. At the same time regular YS watchers noted earthquakes.

Nature Runs Amok at YS blog missed all these early reports (sorry!) but finally noticed huge traffic on April 6.
Big traffic means
A] something happened that’s in the news
B] Nature Runs Amok at YS blog was mentioned on some super popular blog or media outlet.

Making up for lost time it turned out s was hittin’ the fan at Yellowstone. The high traffic on the blog was from people trying to find info. There weren’t people running to the blog because of an outside link.
We posted this on April 6 – ‘New! Weird Action at Yellowstone’

See the stats:


Usual traffic (left side of the chart) is 90-100 a day. So you can see how much interest people have in Yellowstone right now.
Be sure to use the links on the sidebar for the latest info as sometimes we are behind.


Of general interest:

USGS: Using Seismic Waves to Image the Yellowstone Magma Storage Region (2015)
…. has a nice graphic

USGS – this page lists some alternate Yellowstone monitoring stations

Friday, April 1, 2016 2:24 PM MDT (Friday, April 1, 2016 20:24 UTC)

…. they don’t mention the website update or the monitor outage(s).

NASA: Landsat satellites Track Yellowstone’s Underground Heat

This 2006 American Museum of Natural History report, Signs of Restlessness, explains the Yellwstone quake activity.


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