Old Faithful live cam



  1. Many Yellowstone Watchers are thinking these live cams aren’t all that live … that loops of old footage is showing sometimes.
    Tom Lupshu says the same –

    • Stan Deyo spoke on the Alex Jones Show about earthquakes, the ring of fire, and Yellowstone a couple days ago. I couldn’t get a video without some infomercials.
      Watch “Top Scientist: Have The Biblical End Times Begun?” on YouTube

      I sent videos about the US military preparation on the Pacific Northwest and the video yesterday, by Tom Lupshu, conserning additional US military preparations from Utah to Missouri. The video below is concerning Russian military preparations in far east Russia.
      Watch “RUSSIA WARNS OF MEGA EARTHQUAKE COMING – Scientists Warn of Looming U.S. West Coast BIG ONE” on YouTube

      • I posted the vid (in comments).
        Stan Deyo has big credibility problems though.
        If Russia warns of quake risk it’ll be on Sputnik News.
        Meanwhile we have enough vids coming in by live cam watchers for more authentic stories.

      • This troop movement coincides with the US troop movement, Northeast Northwest coast military vehicle storage, volcano increase, and Yellowstone activity increase.

        Experts Raise Alarm: Yellowstone Could Erupt In 2016, Mega Earthquakes Imminent In North America — Global Elite Prepare For The Apocalypse
        The conspiracy theory blogosphere came alive recently with multiple reports that the urgency and gravity of the threat posed by the recent upsurge in global seismic activity, which the U.S. government has been trying to downplay, was indicated by President Vladimir Putin’s recent deployment of Russian troops in the country’s Eastern Military District. The troops were allegedly deployed in preparation for devastating earthquakes and tsunamis that could hit the Kamchatka peninsula in the next few weeks.
        According to the reports circulating widely in the conspiracy theory blogosphere, the Russian defense ministry also issued orders to officials in the Far East Pacific Ocean region of the country to come to Moscow on April 27 for a conference where preparations for a major natural disaster would be discussed.
        This article also talks about accelerated Pacific plate movement.
        President Putin has deployed Russian troops in the Eastern Military District to prepare for what could be a series of devastating earthquakes and tsunamis to hit the Kamchatka peninsula over the next two weeks. He has also issued a warning that a much bigger ‘megaquake’ could strike the United States northwestern Pacific Ocean region in the coming weeks too.


        FEMA, US military, and US Government are planning an exercise simulating a M9.0 earthquake & tsunami, named “Cascadia Rising,” on 7-10 June. This is not exactly Yellowstone, but whose to say that Yellowstone will not be effected. Plus, this just reinforces the Russian warning from another video earlier in this thread.

        (for better size open link in a new window: … 3r71-PyVob0 )

        Volume cuts off at about 10 minutes into video. I watched the same video on youtube, and the same loss of volume occurres. I checked youtube just incase your copy was corrupted, because we all know that someone doesn’t want this information to make it to the public.

      • yeah, … but it’s Stan Deyo …. ugh.
        He has ties to groups that are jamming up the internet with wackdoodle stories …

      • I should do a post on it …. but many other blogs have it covered.
        I will make a post pointing to this thread so people can find these links… 😉

    • Mary Greeley said she’s looking for a person to call her on a cell phone while standing in front of a Yellowstone camera.

      • Yeah, I saw that. Seems people everywhere but Yellowstone watching Yellowstone!

      • For those of you that have not figured this out yet, the US Government probably has an idea that something’s going on. The Russian Government came right out and issued a warning. You see, the US Government might not know the exact location and doesn’t want to be held liable for any false predictions. News this big could cause major cities to shut down. And if no damage occurred to a city that evacuated within the warning area, peoples lives would termoil and huge financial losses would be incurred by the city and its citizens.

      • I think all they care about is “What will Wall St. think?” …. there is no civil defense anymore … they can’t evacuate any coastal city that’s big when a hurricane is coming. They don’t know how to coordinate anything.
        But with these big Pacific Rim quakes I do agree something is about to blow.

    • yeah , same vol here.
      Anyway it is still good.
      By the by, if I don’t like so and so on You Tube that is just me. Readers at the blog may differ so you are always welcome to post info/vids from people who are not my favorites.
      It just means they will be viewable in the comments and not in the blog posts.
      All opinions welcome.

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    • this post is so the search tags on the topic will steer people to these comments (and links) ….
      Anyone can post items on the topic here or on the new post. 🙂

  8. More signs of unrest!
    Large-scale motion detected around San Andreas Fault System.
    Excerpt: Using data collected by the EarthScope Plate Boundary Observatory’s GPS array, researchers identified 125-mile-wide “lobes” of uplift and subsidence. Over the last several years, the lobes, which straddle the fault line, have hosted a few millimeters of annual movement.

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