Mary Greeley – Are Live Cams at Yellowstone Really Live?

Is It Real or Memorex? -Yellowstone Volcano Oddity With Live Camera – Old Faithful

(sorry, no embed) VIDEO:

UPDATE, April 28

This morning the USGS quake map/list was offline. Not the internet connection… them.


UPDATE: Scroll down the comments for new (3 set) videos from Mary Greeley demonstrating Live Cam 2 min. delay.


15 thoughts on “Mary Greeley – Are Live Cams at Yellowstone Really Live?

  1. Mary, Old Faithful Cam is live. I live right here. I can go to the boardwalk and wave at my family. They can see me. The “mound” is not rising around Old Faithful Geyser. It has looked that way for the last 40 years that I have lived here. The geyser basins are always changing from year to year. Mammoth Terraces, ditto, for 40 years. Active terraces one year and dried up the next.

    You cannot feel the small quakes even when you’re sitting right in front of the geyser. That goes for all of the mag 2’s. It doesn’t matter if I’m standing on the shoreline of Yellowstone Lake, West Thumb Geyser Basin, fishing on the Madison River or over at Island Park. You do not notice any small swarms. The shaking camera was due to high winds not quaking ground.

    There has never been an evacuation of the Park as some have claimed. Never. Ever. The Park is always open. During the winter season, you have the SnowLodge, snowcoaches, snowmobiles and so on.

    Certain roads are closed because they’re not plowed for vehicles in the winter. It’s only for the over the snow vehicles and snowcoaches. When the snow melts, there’s not enough snow for winter vehicles and still too much snow for private vehicles. There’s an inbetween time.

    I like your site. No one is running out of the Park or heading down south.
    Frankly, those of us who’ve lived here our entire lives are not fearful. If the big one should ever hit in our lifetime, it would be virtually impossible to outrun it in your vehicle. So worrying about it is not something we do.

    The small two-lane highways could not accommodate that much chaos.
    You’d be much safer at home. That’s exactly where I’ll be. Your chances of being killed on the roads are far greater than being covered up with ash. If it should happen, we’ll all go together. Better to go out that way than to die a slow death by starvation or from crops smothered with ash, and all of the other side effects we read about.

    I like your site. I find geology/seismology highly interesting as many do.
    The cam is live. I wave at my relatives whenever I have an opportunity.

    We’re not worried. There’s never been an evacuation. If there is, I’ll let you know. For real. Stay safe out there. I’m more afraid of the city streets than small swarms or even a 5 or 6 magnitude.

    • Thanks –
      clarification, that’s Mary Greeley’s video reposted here.
      The idea of cam not being live is some frequent cam watchers are saying they think they are seeing re-run loops of images so just repeating that theme (without watching cams for hours myself).
      That mound looked scary … so good to know it isn’t some big heaving new event!
      I bet the roads would be worse than a volcano in an evacuation!
      I will put a link to this comment in the post where that big mound was mentioned.

    • I never said there has been a evacuation. Get your fact straight. So why put a message here for me then go to YouTube to tell me you posted a message? I never even visit this site. You must be a troll bent on discrediting me.. Saying things I never have said God sees all and know the heart.

      • Wait, huh? Just passing on a message from a person who said they would sit in front of the live cam and wave so you could see.
        Many vids on my blog…

    • Mary, I don’t know who those replies are for.
      Clarification for Mary & followers, Mary never said there was an evacuation. I said some out there have claimed it has happened. Back in 1988, year of the Yellowstone Fire is the only time I can remember that roads were closed and tourists detoured around the fire. That’s it.
      I was born at Yellowstone Lake, returned to Yellowstone after college. I’m still here.

      Anything notable happens, I will write to Mary. I like her site.

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  3. Mary Greeley:
    ALERT !!!We Have A Person Will Be At Yellowstone Live Camera Today

    Time Change For Jareds Arrived at Yellowstone Live Camers

    Jared At Yellowstone Super Caldera: Camera Delayed about Two Minuets

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