Utah Quakes + Live Cam at Yellowstone: Questions About “Liveness”

These 2 quakes are some distance from Yellowstone but worth noting.

M4.0 Quake 41km NNW of Duchesne, Utah (east of Salt Lake City)

M2.7 Quake 40km NNW of Duchesne, Utah

Zoomable MAP


“LIVE” Cam at Old Faithful Questioned


LINK – http://youtu.be/SlgBMcQ3v5U

MOUND is RISING at Yellowstone + Weird Lights Explained, … ,more

WheepingWillow2 has ALL the astounding news in THIS VIDEO!

She reveals important information and talks to a Park staffer who admits many truths she had reported on.

  • There are 100 or mare quakes A DAY at Yellowstone
  • The Weird Lights are ENERGY LIGHTS emitted by quakes
  • The SuperStation95 alarming story with the red-dot map showed quakes for 1 year, not decades(!)
  • The MOUND with fissures is RISING
  • Camera shakes from Earth moving, NOT from wind
  • Sulfur gas is killing the trees
  • Larger quake risk is real – volcano ERUPTION a concern too

WW2 video link:  http://youtu.be/XS3upZIzz2Y


And now WW2 has noticed explosions or flashes in the background of an earlier video –


Utah Monitors Down … Again! UPDATED

Mary Greeley reports –
Yellowstone Volcano University of Utah Shut Down, Large Earthquake, Censored

(sorry, no embed)
VIDEO LINK –  http://youtu.be/aHtDqwW44_I

Yellowstone employees evacuated after propane gas leak

“(KIFI/KIDK) –Yellowstone National Park officials said employee housing behind Old Faithful Lodge was evacuated for about eight hours Wednesday after propane gas was released from a storage tank.

According to the Park Service, a Garden City propane serviceman was attempting to activate a new tank at around 10 a.m. Wednesday when gas was released. They said the worker suffered burns, but did not know the extent of his injuries. No one else was hurt. . . .”

hmmmm . . . .

Lots of traffic on this blog in the last few hours … it may be this story that we find to be UNTRUE:
YouTube – BREAKING NEWS -Earthquake Hits Yellowstone National Park-

LINK – http://youtu.be/XaQSF7NrBEs

We find NO LARGE QUAKES at or near Yellowstone using USGS and RSOE and ANF quake maps. No smaller quake swarms or anything. RSOE often has quakes USGS hides so we call this story UNTRUE.
(Quake monitor links are on the sidebar)

Quite a large amount of steam released:

LINK –  http://youtu.be/8ljj4vZqXtY

Maybe it’s plasma from radiation source (???)

LINK –  http://youtu.be/c97AyZPc5I8

ANOTHER  CREEPY VIDEO! From WheepingWillow2