Since April 5 – – and Before

A compilation –


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April 24 – Yellowstone Review. Huge Discharge Steam spike & Conductance caused west coast shake



5 thoughts on “Since April 5 – – and Before

  1. You know that Yellowstone has a twin in western Germany? The name slips my mind but there’s a monastery there. I think the monastery is Maria Lach. Besides earthquakes that’s why the nuclear waste needs to be in eastern Germany, but is apparently be blocked by a rich Count. I think even the proposed French dump would fall under impact from the super-volcano. Sometimes I wonder if their idea is to have the nuclear waste buried under lava. But, what happens as the lava hits the nuclear waste?

  2. Here Comes the Sun – Signs Of Change-Fireball Over Turkey-Giant Crack In Pennsylvania-Sun’s Magnetic Eruptions Link To Earthquakes-Wild Fires Wiping Out Alberta Canadian Tar Sands Zone-San Andreas-Yellowstone-Chief Arvol Looking Horse-Sitting Bull’s Great Grandson-Zuni And The Star People

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