Wolf Killers Run Amok at Yellowstone

near Yellowstone, that is ….
Montana proposes to triple wolf harvest near Yellowstone National Park

Montana officials want to triple the number of gray wolves hunters and trappers can kill in an area bordering Yellowstone National Park, citing complaints the predators are eating too many elk wanted by hunters and outfitters.

The potential change marks the latest turn in a years-long dispute that kicked off when endangered species protections for wolves were lifted in Montana in 2011. . . . “


So … they blame elk running amok ….

Poachers Run Amok….

Do legal hunts encourage the poaching they’re meant to preempt?

A new study challenges the notion of government hunts as a conservation tactic to limit poaching of large carnivores such as wolves, big cats, and bears.

“This notion – that the legal culling or hunting of large carnivores decreases poaching – has become an unquestioned truth,” Guillaume Chapron, a professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences who conducted analysis for the study, told Science magazine. “But there’s no evidence to support it.”



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