Tourist Runs Amok at Yellowstone

Tourist fined for collecting thermal water at Yellowstone National Park, officials say

“Park rangers issued a $1,000 fine to a tourist visiting Yellowstone National Park after he walked off a boardwalk and collected thermal water from Mammoth Hot Springs, park officials said.
The man, who was identified as a Chinese national, was seen Tuesday by another visitor walking on the terrace formations near the 45-foot tall Liberty Cap.
“The visitor also reported seeing the individual break through the fragile travertine crust,” according to park rangers.”
. . . . “”“Without visitor cooperation, park natural wonders will continue to be damaged and more individuals may be injured or killed,” Yellowstone officials said . . . “

He didn’t learn his lesson from This Tourist Not Running Amok at Yellowstone Anymore.

Wonton tourists get new warning signs about not taking selfies with bison
… replacement of Anguished Airborne Illustrated Tourist by Helvetica Man.
Maybe someone should tell Disney Parks about how to make warning signs.


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