5.3M Idaho Quake

Mary Greeley reports –

LINK –  https://youtu.be/F-uXbt330Bs


7 thoughts on “5.3M Idaho Quake

  1. It looks like the recent earthquakes in Utah are connected to this Southern Idaho swarm. If you mapped the earthquakes in Lincoln, MT; West Yellowstone; down through Southeast Idaho; straight down into Utah; then off to the West in Nevada, they all are taking place in the “Intermountain Seismic Belt”. The Idaho swarm is happening at the top of the Wasatch Fault with a couple recent ones following that fault line straight down Utah.

    How can I post pictures here?

    Here is a link of the Wasatch Fault and Intermountain belt:

    This is my google mapped locations of the earthquakes:

  2. The Wasatch Fault is overdue for a big earthquake in the 6.5-7.5 range.

    And here is a good link about the Wasatch Fault from USGS:

    “The Wasatch Fault is an earthquake fault located primarily on the western edge of the Wasatch Mountains in the U.S. state of Utah. The fault is 240 miles long, stretching from southern Idaho, through northern Utah, before terminating in central Utah near the town of Fayette. It is made up of several segments, on average 25 miles long, each of which can independently produce earthquakes as powerful as local magnitude 7.5.

    The Wasatch Fault is a normal (vertical motion) fault which forms the eastern boundary of the Basin and Range geologic province which comprises the geographic Great Basin. The Wasatch Mountains have been uplifted and tilted to the east by movement of the fault. The average rate of uplift along the fault over its history is approximately 1 mm per year, although there are indications that more rapid slip has occurred in the past few thousand years. The fault, however, does not continually slowly slip; instead, it remains locked for hundreds to thousands of years until approximately 1 to 4 meters of slip occurs rapidly, producing a strong earthquake.”

    “During the past 6,000 years, a strong earthquake (magnitude greater than 6.5) has occurred approximately once every 350 years somewhere along one of the central segments of the Wasatch Fault. The segments that underlie Salt Lake City and Provo produce a large earthquake on average every 1,300 years. The last major earthquake on the Salt Lake City segment was about 1,300 years ago, and on adjoining segments around 2,100 years ago. Experts note that the fault is overdue for another major earthquake, and media coverage of the threat has increased in recent years, bringing greater awareness of the threat to residents of the region.”

  3. So what we would really have to worry about then is a big earthquake like that happening right next door to the sleeping/stirring giant, Ms. Yellowstone. Yellowstone is still having her big quake swarm- but maybe slowing down a bit.

    There are many active and dormant volcanoes in that area which could be jolted to life by a huge earthquake right now. Yellowstone caldera, Island Park caldera, Craters of The Moon volcanic field in Idaho (dormant but definitely not dead), the Mono Lake volcanic field, and the Long Valley caldera.

    They all have been showing signs of seismic activity in the last year- especially the recent months. The Long Valley area to Mono Lake has been swarming just as bad or worse than Yellowstone and for a longer period of time. I’ve been monitoring it and the entire Basin and Range region has been highly active, the last few months especially.

    My prediction for the next coming months into spring 2018, is a big damaging earthquake, maybe sometime between September 17th and the end of October occurring in the above referenced vicinity, followed by at least one- possibly two or three- major volcanic eruptions taking place in the early Spring, maybe from March through May. I’m thinking it will be one or two of the volcanoes I referenced above, plus one in New Zealand. I am hoping not of course, but my research says otherwise.

  4. Upon further research concerning Idaho, it looks like the Bear Lake faults are acting up. They lie above the Wasatch Fault in Idaho. There could be a big earthquake in that area soon, most likely on the Eastern Bear Lake Fault. The recent swarm have been taking place around coordinates 42.3 N 111.26 W, and the major M 6.3 Bear Lake Fault earthquake took place in November 1884 on the Eastern Bear Lake Fault with an epicenter near 42.3 N 111.4 W. This fault is capable of generating earthquakes as large as M 7.4. So I sure hope Idaho is taking this swarm seriously.

    The deep & very large earthquakes we’ve had in the past few months have taken place at plate subduction zones, while the recent swarms are taking place near volcanoes and now near Fault-block mountain ranges- like the Teton Range (Wyoming), Wasatch Range (Utah), and even the Sangre de Cristo Range (CO). Therefore, I think we may see a big earthquake very soon along the fault lines near them- definitely the Bear Lake fault, which may in turn set off the Wasatch Fault (which is overdue for one) or even the Teton fault. The recent long & large Yellowstone volcanic swarm probably woke up one or two of these faults that rest so close near by it.

    I also believe the pattern of the earthquakes in California over the past few years may be leading to a big earthquake near Northridge, or probably more likely in Seal Beach or Long Beach which are both along the very deep Newport–Inglewood Fault/Rose Canyon Fault in Southern California (which used to be an ancient subduction zone). The recent large subduction zone earthquakes may be disturbing this deep fault enough to set it off- especially the most recent M 8.1 off Mexico.

    There was also a strange underground explosion in south Los Angeles last week (9/6) which could theoretically be early signs of major seismic disturbance:
    “The LADWP is still trying to figure out the cause of an underground explosion Wednesday on a busy street in South L.A. Several streets remained blocked off through Wednesday night at Brynhurst Avenue and 63rd street in the Hyde Park neighborhood. The blast happened around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, sending asphalt and two 250-pound manhole covers flying…Investigators say it appears an underground electrical vault exploded.”

    The big Southern California one in Northridge happened in January 1994 (M 6.7 on the Pico thrust fault, 34.2 N 118.5 W). And the last Newport-Inglewood Fault quake was M 6.4 and happened in Long Beach (33.63 N 118 W) in March 1933. Hyde Park (at coordinates 33.58 N 118.19 W) is along the Newport-Inglewood fault. This fault is capable of a M 7.4 or larger.

    Nerve wracking few months ahead of us, that’s for sure!!

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