This blog is run by the Flying Cuttlefish blog. ABOUT that & contact info etc.

This blog is about the 2014 spring seismic and nature events at Yellowstone Park and the western edge of the North American Craton Plat and the big volcano at Yellowstone becoming lively.

ALL ideas are represented here.

Please NOTE – the earliest posts on this blog include many reports and news items that say nothing at all is wrong or unusual at Yellowstone.

However, we are putting here many reports saying otherwise.

They come from all perspectives and none are specifically endorsed by this  blog. They are posted here for information only. Readers can make their own conclusions.

Reference material is on the sidebar.

Sorry for the G00gle Ads. They put in will-nilly by WordPress, not by us.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

    • I have no idea.
      Is there some sort of geology effect of lightning from geysers??
      It could be car headlights through mist … but it isn’t typical of other scenes shown on park cameras.

      A BIG mystery.
      Post here if you see any articles anywhere.

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