Yellowstone is on top of huge boiling reservoir of liquid carbonate

A Fiery Monster Lump is Bubbling Beneath Yellowstone’s Supervolcano, Reveals Study

A colossal lump of molten carbonates is bubbling hundreds of kilometers underneath Yellowstone Park’s supervolcano, and the discovery has changed scientists’ understanding of the carbon cycle.
About 1.8 million square kilometers (700,000 square miles) in size, the liquidized, carbon-infused material lurks in the upper region of the mantle, a research published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters has revealed.”



Nature really running amok at Yellowstone – Bison on the rampage + Grizzly Bear attack

A THIRD person is gored by a bison in Yellowstone in just four weeks: Pennsylvania woman, 71, is injured after animal attacked while she and her daughter were returning to their car at trailhead The victim, a 71-year-old woman from West Chester, Pennsylvania, was treated for non-life threatening injuries at a nearby hospital


And next door – – –
A senior citizen from New York was airlifted to hospital after being severely mauled by a grizzly bear while backpacking close to Yellowstone National Park.




ANOTHER Tourist Runs Amok at Yellowstone – Gets Gored by Bison


Horror as 1800lb charging bison gores man, 34, as he saves little boy from certain death. But why were they so close?

“Park rangers warned that visitors should keep 75ft away from the creatures” NOT 75 inches – FC


June 1 stTourist Runs Amok at Yellowstone – Gets Gored by Bison





Rain! Floods! Mudslides! Nature runs amok at Yellowstone

Daily Mail  [UK] –

Yellowstone is CUT OFF by flooding: Bridge and roads are swept away as mudslides rain down and authorities close ALL entrances

  • Major flooding has created mudslides, rockslides and power outages inside of Yellowstone National Park
  • The National Park Service said that the flooding is ‘beyond record levels’
  • Yellowstone National Park closed all of its entrances and says they will remain closed Tuesday and Wednesday at a minimum
  • More rain, along with snow showers and thunderstorms, are predicted for Tuesday 
  • At least one community on the outskirts of the park has been declared ‘isolated’ in the wake of the flooding