Climate Viewer on You Tube Wars

This radio show by Climate Viewer tells about a feud on the net featuring some channels we have used here –


It is good to know what is happening behind the scenes.


See COMMENTS here. There is some activity at Old Faithful… A map of the quakes

Misc. Idaho Geology

Articles from Digital Geology of Idaho site of interest –

Neogene Snake River Plain-Yellowstone Volcanic Province < has good map

Challis Magmatic Episode < has map yeah, that Challis!

That place, Challis, Idaho which has so many quakes lately is full of old volcanoes!

[snip] “…The Challis Volcanic Group covers approximately 25,000 square kilometers in Idaho , making it the largest of the Eocene volcanic fields (Figure 2). The Eocene geologic setting of the Challis volcanics is commonly accepted as an extensional basin related to the subduction of the oceanic Farallon Plate beneath the continental North American Plate. Prior to Eocene time, before ~60 Ma, the convergence rate of the Farallon and North American Plates was very fast.”

  Fun Fact:The caldron under Yellowstone started out to the right, under Idaho and moved left.

“The Yellowstone hot spot first appears about 17 million years ago with rhyolite eruptions on the Owyhee Plateau of southeast Oregon and northern Nevada. The hot spot slowly migrates across southern Idaho to its present-day position at Yellowstone National Park.”  – Idaho history


Tues. News, Light Flashing Vid & Some Old Info


Before It’s News –
IMPORTANT! Yellowstone Magma Intrusion USGS Admits! #Yellowstone Earthquake List U.S. Non-transparency Comparison Proof (Video)

Yellowstone: “Only A Matter Of Time” – Supervolcano Very Unstable, Magma Rising



(old but good map) – Mar. 31The super volcano under Yellowstone National Park has given a magnitude 4.8 shake

Also old but with good graphics – (2013) – YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO GETTING READY TO BLOW ITS CORK?

AND . . .  with a great map, this article says nothing to worry aboutIs the Yellowstone supervolcano DYING? Researchers say dormant volcano may never erupt again

“The unique park has a 40-mile-long slush of molten rock and crystal under the nation’s first national park.

Instead of a cone with a hole, the caldera is an interconnected maze of gas and water covering almost 60 miles of Wyoming’s northwest corner, along with parts of Montana and Idaho.

More than 10,000 mud pots, boiling rivers and geysers act as nature’s pressure-release valves, keeping the heated monster from exploding.
And they move.”

Thursday News

Dutchsinse notices Craton Plate activity

Itty-bitty[sic] quake swarm rumbles Yellowstone

Earthquake ‘Swarm’ Detected in Yellowstone
A seismograph station counted about 30 small earthquakes

Earthquakes Rattle Yellowstone

A total of 31 earthquakes hit the same region on Saturday, with another 23 being reported southeast of West Yellowstone last week.


Missoula, Montana seismo chart today:

MORE helicorders to look at





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