All About the EMP Attack Drill Coming Aug. 23 – Operation Black Sky

Maybe Yellowstone blowing up would knock out the grid . . .

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Operation Black Sky: NOT a False Flag Event, But …

The Electric Infrastructure Security Council is an NGO, not a government agency or czarship.

The Electric Infrastructure Security Council [PDF]:

Black Sky Hazard Coordination and Planning
Managing Emerging Catastrophic Risks to Lifeline Infrastructures

2015 article – Threats to Electric Power Grid Could Result in “Black Sky Days”

“The societal impact of a “Black Sky Day”—a term used by electric infrastructure security experts when discussing a collapse of the North American power grid—would be devastating, according to Dr. Daniel Baker, distinguished professor of Planetary and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder.”

Opinion:It looks like these electric infrastructure security “experts” created a new threat to talk about, hold conferences about and extort money from billionaire energy bosses with. Just like FEMA was useless after Katrina, if there ever is some EMP attack these guys will be…

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CLAIM: Near Yellowstone, a Volcanic Vent opened beneath the Shoshone River

We haven’t double checked this yet – we’ll add more in the comments if we think this is made up or supported by video of the river.

Before It’s News“Supervolcano” Warning: Volcanic Vent Opens Beneath River Outside Yellowstone Super Volcano! Shocking New Video Shows What Is Really Going on at Yellowstone

” . . . A Volcanic Vent opened beneath the Shoshone River outside the Yellowstone super volcano at the same time the US Geological Survey and Utah Seismic Center were specifically denying trouble brewing at Yellowstone as the reason for seismic data being taken offline last week.

Photos below show the fissure open underwater with such heat coming out, it caused the river to give off steam!”

MOUND is RISING at Yellowstone + Weird Lights Explained, … ,more

WheepingWillow2 has ALL the astounding news in THIS VIDEO!

She reveals important information and talks to a Park staffer who admits many truths she had reported on.

  • There are 100 or mare quakes A DAY at Yellowstone
  • The Weird Lights are ENERGY LIGHTS emitted by quakes
  • The SuperStation95 alarming story with the red-dot map showed quakes for 1 year, not decades(!)
  • The MOUND with fissures is RISING
  • Camera shakes from Earth moving, NOT from wind
  • Sulfur gas is killing the trees
  • Larger quake risk is real – volcano ERUPTION a concern too

WW2 video link:


And now WW2 has noticed explosions or flashes in the background of an earlier video –



USGSNew Report Forecasts the High Likelihood of Damaging Earthquakes During the Lifetime of Many Utah Residents

“Salt Lake City (April 18, 2016) — In the first comprehensive study of its kind for Utah, Earthquake Probabilities for the Wasatch Front Region in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming forecasts the chances for damaging earthquakes in the Wasatch Front region. In the next 50 years there is a 43 percent chance, or nearly 1-out-of-2 odds, of at least one large earthquake of magnitude 6.75 or greater. For a moderate quake of magnitude 5 or greater the probability is 93 percent, or greater than 9-out-of-10 odds. . . ” (more)



Earthquake Probabilities for the Wasatch Front Region in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming

How to Prepare for a Volcano

Useful info to know just in case …


Rememeber – volcano ash is very fine – like corn starch – and it screws up cars be clogging the air filter. Maybe include spare air filter in your emergency list as they would sell out right away if a volcano started to shake awake.

Think about what you would do if your cell phone or computer were lost or not usable. Be sure to have important phone numbers and things written down on paper.

This post in response to huge traffic on this blog. An extra 2,000 visitors here today. It could be because of the ginormous earthquakes around the Pacific Rim this week.


For Preppers – On Food Inventory

Please pass this on –

Cross Ocean Rower’s Lesson for Preppers on What Happens When You Believe “Servings per Container” on Food.

[snip] Mooney said his supply would normally have seen him through the whole voyage. In hindsight, he laughs at how quickly the food disappeared.

“You get these packages that say four servings per bag. I tried that programme for awhile. I mean when you’re out there on that boat, you’re not talking about four servings; one bag is one serving! A little corner of corn and vegetables, telling me that’s my serving for the day, no way!”