Tourists Run Amok at Yellowstone – Elk Respond

At Yellowstone, people approaching elk calves get attacked by their mothers

” . . . But days at Yellowstone National Park have begun to resemble an episode of “When Animals Attack!” . . . Twice in three days, cow elk – females of the elk species – have attacked people at the popular national park, using strong legs and sharp hoofs to send unsuspecting humans to the hospital. . . . “










Fish Swimming Amok at Yellowstone – not so much!

Fish kill closes 183 miles of Yellowstone River, tributaries to all recreation

BILLINGS – In an unprecedented move, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is closing 183 miles of the Yellowstone River from Gardiner to Laurel to all water-based recreation – fishing, wading, floating, tubing, boating.

No similar closure based on a disease outbreak has ever occurred in Montana, even when whirling disease was causing fish die-offs across the state in the 1990s. . . .  (more)