Fish Swimming Amok at Yellowstone – not so much!

Fish kill closes 183 miles of Yellowstone River, tributaries to all recreation

BILLINGS – In an unprecedented move, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is closing 183 miles of the Yellowstone River from Gardiner to Laurel to all water-based recreation – fishing, wading, floating, tubing, boating.

No similar closure based on a disease outbreak has ever occurred in Montana, even when whirling disease was causing fish die-offs across the state in the 1990s. . . .  (more)



Bear Runs Amok at Yellowstone – Opens Door of Car Full of Kids

Video: Bear opening a car door the latest close call at Yellowstone Park
“Dad, the bear is right next to us.”

“The bear leans in an unlocks the van door. The children begin screaming as the father fights to close the door again. The bear on the other hand seems completely unfazed.”