Terrific Quake Activity Today

It started in Nevada –

5.5 quake – Hawthorne, Nev.USGS Report   |  MAP

Then – looking at Yellowstone – we see this –

An area north of Yellowstone Nat’l Park in southeast Idaho had a big quake swarm of 2-3M earthquakes in a small area.


RSOE MAP  (it isn’t over)

NOTE: There is internet connection trouble (damaged cable) in my region so the outage prevented earlier posting of this news.

UPDATE: California has 4M + quakes today – SEE the LIST on RSOE

2 quakes hit near Lake Tahoe, rumblings felt across region



Mount St. Helens is Shivering


A recent swarm of more than 120 earthquakes near Mount St. Helens — all below a magnitude 0.5 comes as a reminder to scientists and residents alike that while the volcano has been relatively “well-behaved” recently, another eruption is inevitable. Our news partners at the Columbian recently got in touch with scientists who study, in part, the volcano and the land beneath it. To them, these quakes are a window into what’s going on underground, and can be helpful for directing further research. “Each of these little earthquakes is a clue and a reminder we are marching toward an eruption someday,” said Weston Thelen, a U.S. Geological Survey seismologist with the Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver, as reported in the Columbian.


WiredA Swarm of Earthquakes Shakes Mount St. Helens