Yellowstone still at it


2.7 quake at Challis, Idaho

OCT. 24 –


Oct. 27 –


Oct. 29 –

Before It’s News – Red Alert: Yellowstone Supervolcano Getting Ready To Blow Full (Photo & Video)

The Yellowstone volcano has had three super eruptions – which produce more than 240 cubic miles of ash’ in the past.

One was 2.1 million years ago, another 1.3 million years ago and a third 640,000 years ago.

Ash from these eruptions has been found across the US on the east and west coasts.

The last volcanic activity at Yellowstone was 70,000 years ago which produced a lava flow in the south of the park.”

Yellowstone Quakes, Magma, Gas + Hot Springs Horror

Mary Greeley Reports –


Boiled in hot springs(!) report –

Hiker badly burned after jumping into Idaho hot springs to try to save dogs


Note – to visit Yellowstone besides a volcano gas-mask and giant-size can of bear spray be sure to pack DOG LEASH if you plan on walking your dog next to boiling-hot springs there!

2.6 quake in Challis

4.9M Idaho Earthquake + Idaho-Yellowstone Quake Connection + Extra

Idaho earthquake causes rock slides, damages property < near Challis

Challis quake ‘gave us a good shake’
The magnitude 4.9 temblor Saturday was felt in Boise

From Dec. 28 – Series of Idaho earthquakes puzzling to scientists

“The latest earthquake swarm in central Idaho could help scientists better understand quake belts extending from Yellowstone National Park.”

“. . . The park is well-known as a geologic hotspot, sitting atop magma. But scientists said that doesn’t explain the earthquake swarms in Idaho.

It clearly is somehow related,” Stickney said. “I’m not blaming the belts on Yellowstone, but the fact that they extend into and out of Yellowstone is not a coincidence.” . . . “

Jan. 4 – 3.6 quake near Challis (has map)  and 4.0 quake nearby

Sent in – a 6 page document, The Magma Reservoirs That Feed Supereruptions 




Strange Sounds – Unexplained Loud Booms Are Escalating Across The USA in January 2015 And Nobody Knows Why!



Misc. Idaho Geology

Articles from Digital Geology of Idaho site of interest –

Neogene Snake River Plain-Yellowstone Volcanic Province < has good map

Challis Magmatic Episode < has map yeah, that Challis!

That place, Challis, Idaho which has so many quakes lately is full of old volcanoes!

[snip] “…The Challis Volcanic Group covers approximately 25,000 square kilometers in Idaho , making it the largest of the Eocene volcanic fields (Figure 2). The Eocene geologic setting of the Challis volcanics is commonly accepted as an extensional basin related to the subduction of the oceanic Farallon Plate beneath the continental North American Plate. Prior to Eocene time, before ~60 Ma, the convergence rate of the Farallon and North American Plates was very fast.”

  Fun Fact:The caldron under Yellowstone started out to the right, under Idaho and moved left.

“The Yellowstone hot spot first appears about 17 million years ago with rhyolite eruptions on the Owyhee Plateau of southeast Oregon and northern Nevada. The hot spot slowly migrates across southern Idaho to its present-day position at Yellowstone National Park.”  – Idaho history