Visitors Run Amok at Yellowstone


More charges filed against Yellowstone National Park filmmakers

BOZEMAN – More charges have been filed against the filmmakers accused of walking out onto the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.

The group of filmmakers, known as High on Life, initially posted pictures they took on Facebook while breaking the rules. The group took them down after an enormous outcry from the public.

They were also videotaped by other tourists in the area. . . (more)

Tourist Runs Amok at Yellowstone

Tourist fined for collecting thermal water at Yellowstone National Park, officials say

“Park rangers issued a $1,000 fine to a tourist visiting Yellowstone National Park after he walked off a boardwalk and collected thermal water from Mammoth Hot Springs, park officials said.
The man, who was identified as a Chinese national, was seen Tuesday by another visitor walking on the terrace formations near the 45-foot tall Liberty Cap.
“The visitor also reported seeing the individual break through the fragile travertine crust,” according to park rangers.”
. . . . “”“Without visitor cooperation, park natural wonders will continue to be damaged and more individuals may be injured or killed,” Yellowstone officials said . . . “

He didn’t learn his lesson from This Tourist Not Running Amok at Yellowstone Anymore.

Wonton tourists get new warning signs about not taking selfies with bison
… replacement of Anguished Airborne Illustrated Tourist by Helvetica Man.
Maybe someone should tell Disney Parks about how to make warning signs.

This Tourist Not Running Amok at Yellowstone Anymore ….

NY Times
Man at Yellowstone Presumed Dead After Falling Into Hot Spring

“Park officials said the basin area would be closed as rangers performed a potentially dangerous search for the man. Norris Geyser Basin is the oldest and hottest of the park’s thermal areas, and below-surface temperatures have reached up to 459 degrees.”