2M Quake Near Yellowstone Volcano


It’s 20-30 miles from the caldera, shallow – about 3 miles deep.

NOTE: There’s lots of large earthquakes in the South Seas and South America – so look at the sidebar here for news. Some are on the FC blog – but it’s hard to keep up!


2.1 Quake Bullseye on Yellowstone

Before It’s News – It’s Happening:Magnitude 2.1 Earthquake Strikes Directly in Yellowstone Super-Volcano Caldera (Video)

(Jan. 31) “At 2:07 PM Eastern Time, a magnitude 2.1 earthquake shook the huge caldera (mouth) of the Yellowstone Super-Volcano. Tremors are typical, this was bigger.”

story has a map – F.C.

5.3 Quake in Yellowstone

The ANF map shows it.


5.3 mb =  “body-wave magnitude (Mb)” says USGS glossary.

The ANF map says it happened about 2 minutes after this 5.6 Oregon coast quake –

LAT  |  LONG   | M   |  Depth (KM)  |   TIME           |   PLACE    

44.9890    -110.0387    5.3 mb    15    04:00:36 Jan. 23rd, 2015 UTC    Yellowstone Region, Wyoming
43.2263    -129.9283    5.6 mb    15    03:58:21 Jan. 23rd, 2015 UTC    Off Coast Of Oregon, California – Nevada Region

 Montana seismic monitors

Super ODD quake pattern at Butte, Montana.