Some think they want to make Yellowstone blow on purpose

a 2014 report (many for like this on the internet) –


Lots of seismic activity in recent weeks at Yellowstone – scroll down for more info…

Yellowstone Eruption Would = 2,000 Mt. St. Helens



Strange Sounds – What About A Powerful And Deadly Hydrothermal Explosion At Yellowstone Lake?

  • The bottom of Yellowstone Lake is hydrothermally active and has been shaped by huge hydrothermal explosions that could wipe us out within minutes!
  • Some geological features in and around Yellowstone Lake could become terrifying in a near future!
  • Large hydrothermal explosion craters sit in and around Yellowstone Lake. In 1962, staff at the Norris Museum witnessed “house-sized” chunks of mud being tossed above tree tops more than 1.5 miles (2.4 km) away.