Earthquake M3.8 Lincoln, MT

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CLAIM: Near Yellowstone, a Volcanic Vent opened beneath the Shoshone River

We haven’t double checked this yet – we’ll add more in the comments if we think this is made up or supported by video of the river.

Before It’s News“Supervolcano” Warning: Volcanic Vent Opens Beneath River Outside Yellowstone Super Volcano! Shocking New Video Shows What Is Really Going on at Yellowstone

” . . . A Volcanic Vent opened beneath the Shoshone River outside the Yellowstone super volcano at the same time the US Geological Survey and Utah Seismic Center were specifically denying trouble brewing at Yellowstone as the reason for seismic data being taken offline last week.

Photos below show the fissure open underwater with such heat coming out, it caused the river to give off steam!”

West Coast Volcano News

Grist There’s worrying volcano news. But could that be good climate news?

If you, like me, have Google alerts for the terms “volcano,” “earthquake,” “end of days,” and “survivalist cult now accepting applications,” the recent news that both Mount St. Helens and Yellowstone’s supervolcano are showing signs of activity may have had you reaching for your bug-out bag. . . .

They noticed the big interest on the web on the topic.




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