Steamboat Geyser has now erupted 8 times in less than 3 months

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Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser has now erupted eight times in less than three months baffling scientists working at the site

“Yellowstone’s Steamboat Geyser, the largest in the world, has now erupted eight times in less than three months, in a geological puzzle that has fascinated scientists working at the site. The last eruption on Monday lasted an amazing 30 minutes with strong water gushing, the occasional baseball-sized rock ejected up to 200 feet into the air and the loud rumbling sound similar to a volcanic eruption.”

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Univ. of Leicester – Snake River Plain Worse Than Yellowstone Threat < Mary Greekey Calls it BS

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Forget Yellowstone… Snake River Plain’s volcano is a MUCH BIGGER threat to America

Eruptions at Snake River Plain in Idaho were “significantly larger” than geologists had previously thought.

Scientists from the University of Leicester discovered there were a staggering 12 massive eruptions over the course of four million years, beginning 12 million years ago.

The massive eruptions helped to form the 100 kilometre-wide Snake River Basin, with one of the most powerful eruptions occurring 8.1 million years ago. The eruption’s volume exceeded 1,900 km3 and created a 1.3km thick caldera.

Furthermore, the Snake River Plain is situated on the Yellowstone Hotspot track, a region which spans from Nevada, through Oregon and Idaho and then to Wyoming where Yellowstone Volcano is located. . . (more)

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