Some think they want to make Yellowstone blow on purpose

a 2014 report (many for like this on the internet) –


Lots of seismic activity in recent weeks at Yellowstone – scroll down for more info…


2M Quake Near Yellowstone Volcano


It’s 20-30 miles from the caldera, shallow – about 3 miles deep.

NOTE: There’s lots of large earthquakes in the South Seas and South America – so look at the sidebar here for news. Some are on the FC blog – but it’s hard to keep up!

Univ. of Leicester – Snake River Plain Worse Than Yellowstone Threat < Mary Greekey Calls it BS

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Forget Yellowstone… Snake River Plain’s volcano is a MUCH BIGGER threat to America

Eruptions at Snake River Plain in Idaho were “significantly larger” than geologists had previously thought.

Scientists from the University of Leicester discovered there were a staggering 12 massive eruptions over the course of four million years, beginning 12 million years ago.

The massive eruptions helped to form the 100 kilometre-wide Snake River Basin, with one of the most powerful eruptions occurring 8.1 million years ago. The eruption’s volume exceeded 1,900 km3 and created a 1.3km thick caldera.

Furthermore, the Snake River Plain is situated on the Yellowstone Hotspot track, a region which spans from Nevada, through Oregon and Idaho and then to Wyoming where Yellowstone Volcano is located. . . (more)

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