New Oregon Concern (Mount St. Helens in a Race with Yellowstone??)

Strange Sounds The Kalama River turned white baffling scientists – Next eruption from Mount St. Helens?

The Kalama River turned white on October 11, 2015 and ran about a week in this color.
Although local scientists believe the color originated from volcanic sediment from Mount St. Helens, they have actually no clear ideas. And this is exactly what happened before latest activity.

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Scientific AmericanMethane Plumes Bubbling along U.S. Northwest Coast

“Methane leaks out of this great compost pile all along the continental margin. But Johnson says some plumes may originate in vast layers of frozen methane called hydrates. Scientists worry that rising ocean temperatures may destabilize these deposits, freeing up even more methane. And Johnson thinks he already sees evidence that it’s happening.”