Rain! Floods! Mudslides! Nature runs amok at Yellowstone

Daily Mail  [UK] –

Yellowstone is CUT OFF by flooding: Bridge and roads are swept away as mudslides rain down and authorities close ALL entrances

  • Major flooding has created mudslides, rockslides and power outages inside of Yellowstone National Park
  • The National Park Service said that the flooding is ‘beyond record levels’
  • Yellowstone National Park closed all of its entrances and says they will remain closed Tuesday and Wednesday at a minimum
  • More rain, along with snow showers and thunderstorms, are predicted for Tuesday 
  • At least one community on the outskirts of the park has been declared ‘isolated’ in the wake of the flooding  

Grizzly Bear Runs Amok Near Yellowstone

NY Post

Wilderness guide dies days after grizzly bear attack near Yellowstone

“A Montana wilderness guide has died days after being attacked by a grizzly bear near Yellowstone National Park, officials said.

Carl Mock, 40, suffered a massive stroke and died Saturday, two days after a bear weighing at least 420 pounds mauled him while he was fishing near Baker’s Hole campground, . . . “